Media Monitoring #5

“Global air passenger traffic climbed 5.2% in 2013: IATA”
The Economic Times
Feb. 6th, 2014

Summary: According to the International Air Transportation Association, air traffic rose 5.3 percent in 2013 despite of the difficult economic environment. Airline capacity rose 4.8 percent making the average load factor 79.5 percent. However, in North America was recorded having the lowest growth in 2013: 2.3 percent.

Relevance: It’s important to be aware of the records of the airline industry, especially in North America. We could set the record and help increase the the airline capacity in North America and maybe have the highest of 2014. This will not only raise awareness for Air Pacific, but gain credibility to our name as well.


“Delta Looks Set To Repeat Its Strong 2013 Performance In 2014”
Forbes Online
Feb. 6th, 2014

Summary: Delta reveals that their profit in 2013 is an estimate of $2.3 billion, which is more than double the profits of their nearest competitor. According to Delta, that number will continue to rise annually in 2014 by 7 percent.

Relevance: Since the airline industry is so competitive, it’s important to keep up to date about other companies status. If we want to become one of the leading airline company in the future, we will have to study and monitor leading companies now.


“Pupils run their own airline companies”
Feb. 4th, 2014

Summary: An airline master class was made available for students with the help of volunteers from the staff of British Airways and Leeds Bradford Airport. They were “given” £200 million to start their own airline company and got advice from the staff.

Relevance: Even though this wasn’t necessarily from a credible source, I think the idea of it is good because it is news worthy. It gave me the idea that we could start a foundation for college kids who are interested in having a career in the airline industry. Since we are still a new, start up company, it would also be good for us to show the training of our interns and show through a video of their work. Maybe they could even blog about their experiences working with Air Pacific.


“Singapore Airline dumps Airbus for Boeing 737s” By Ben Miller
Puget Sound Business Journal
Feb. 4th, 2014

Summary: Singapore airline, SilkAir, has changed from their Airbuses to using Boeing 737s. Boeing will be delivering about 31 new planes to SilkAir. This will allow them to carry more passengers, fly more places, and fly longer routes.

Relevance: This is important to Air Pacific because we are a new airline company that has to keep up with the old, bigger airline companies. Many reporters will be focusing on the kind of planes we are using for our airline and it is important that it can keep up with the efficiency and capacity of the older companies that are going through an upgrade.


“The Best Airline CreditCards of 2014, According to”
Digital Journal
Feb. 4th, 2014

Summary: This article was comparing the best credit cards airline rewards of 2014. The best, according to this article, is the US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards Visa Card as it gives almost 1 mile to every dollar you spend.

Relevance: This is important for Air Pacific to know because most airline companies create partnership with banks in creating these reward credit cards. If we were to part take in something like this, it would be good to know which one would attract more costumers to our airline and potentially because frequent flyers of Air Pacific.


Monday Reading: Chapter 13

This chapter focuses on huge impacts the Internet has brought to our world. Without the Internet, today’s social media would be completely different. In just a short spam of 4 years, the Internet has brought more than 50 million users. It is interesting to read about the transformation and affects it has brought to our world because it was something that I grew up with. Obviously technology has developed and advanced over the years; I think I am lucky enough to say that I’ve at least lived through the transformation of the Internet, and it continues to change everyday. This chapter also focuses on the interactiveness of the online community. The web makes it easy for everyone to connect to different people all of the world. We have access to all the information we need simply by pressing a few buttons. Not only can we communicate with others, but we can also express ourselves through blogging (like what I’m doing now!) This makes it easy for everyone to get their stories out to people who are interested in the same things. Then there was the rise of Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, and Twitter. Social networking has become a large part of our everyday lives. The moment we wake up, we have the need to know exactly what everyone is doing and thinking. We feel the need to share every thought, picture, and moment of our lives with the world. All of these social networking websites makes it easy for companies to raise awareness and create events while not spending as much as they usually would if they were to advertise.

Media Monitoring #4

“What Travlers Really think about Airline Fees”
PR NewsWire | Market Watch
Jan. 30, 2014

Summary: This press release revealed the numbers of flyers and how much they are willing to pay. Flyers stated that they are willing to pay extra for more leg room, an empty middle seat, preventing the front seat to recline, and a fast pass to allow them to past through security faster. The press release also released that this year, baggage fees topped the charts.

Relevance: This is very important to Air Pacific because it shows the thought process of our potencial customers. We can provide those things in order to gain awareness to our name and slowly gain credibility through the satisfaction of our costumers because we listened to their needs.


“A new airline named Air Croatia will launch flights from Sweden to Zagreb”
Business news | Balkans
Jan 29th, 2014

Summary: Air Croatia, a new airline, will be providing flights from Sweden to Zagreb twice a week. They’re a low costing based airline so will be providing food and breverages for purchase on board and allowing flyers to check in bags for free as long as they’re less than 20 kilos.

Relevance: Seeing as they are a new airline that is also based as a low cost airline, it will be good for us to study what they are doing and follow up with their progess as they begin to launch their airline. Since they are so similar to our airline, it’s even more important to monitor the news of Air Croatia.


“Saudi airline to fly to Los Angeles in March”
Washington Post | AP
Jan 29, 2014

Summary: Saudi Arabian airline will start to operate direct flights to LA’s LAX in March. They are aiming to attend to many Saudi Arabian students currently studying in the United States on Saudi’s government scholarships.  

Relevance: Because part of Air Pacific is partially based in Los Angeles, I think it would be a good idea to be aware of the new airelines and new flights that will be soon offered. It would be a good idea to reach out to this airline and offer a partnership. We can also start a foundation to raise scholarships for students to fly to Saudi Arabia to study.


“Devo, mullets and airline safety in Delta’s lastest video” By Katia Hetter
Jan. 28, 2014

Summary: Delta recently released a new safety video that featured an 80’s style music video. This is Delta’s fourth safety video in the past two years.

Relevance: It is a good idea to monitor airlines, espcially the big competitors. Delta made the video for the audience to have a fun experience on their flight, and Air Pacific could potencially do the same. It’s good to keep the customers engaged and excited about flying.


“Mayors ask airline to reduce its service to boost passanger volume”
AP | Mississippi Business Journal
Jan 29th 2014

Summary: Two Mississippi cities mayors are asking Silver Airways to reduce their flights at the airport. They are asking this because it would provide for more passangers on each flights and give the pilots rest.

Relevance: I think this is important because we need to take note of how others are viewing the way we run our airline. We might potencially schedule too many flights thus wearing down our crew or be providing too many flights even though there are not a lot of passangers in each flight. Word gets out and we want to be aware of what we are doing for our Airline or our credibility will go down while we are still trying to establish a name for ourselves.

Monday Readings: Chapters 14 & 15

One of the many reasons why I chose to study and pursue a career in public relations is because of the stories we can give to the audience in order to give them information on the product or event we are holding. Instead of spending money to advertise a target audience, we let the audience decide for themselves what the message meant to them and listen to their feedback. News Release is an important part of public relations. It needs to have the right message and provide the appropriate, honest information for the readers. Because there are so many types of news releases, there are different format to write these news releases. Writing an online news release is less formal and should be seen as a teaser for the reporter to go to your website to find out more information. Because there are so many things to do on the web and people get easily distracted, I think the main objective for an online news release is to get them curious about it in a matter of a few seconds. A multimedia news release will usually be distributed through services like Business Wire, PR Newswire, PRWeb, etc. These search engines make it possible for companies and reporters to pick up news that are currently happening. They also teamed up with Google, Yahoo!, and MSN to make it possible for more exposure to readers online. These messages should be easy read and simple. Too many links and tools will make it too distracting and start to confuses the journalists. It is also important to use high quality photos that uses the right angle, and color to capture the journalist’s attention. Other than news releases, public relations companies will use media alerts, hold a news conference, have press parties, and many other events can be held to get the information out about a product. The more engaged and well thought out the message is put out, the more journalist will pay closer attention to the story.

Radio and television are an important part of the public relations industry. These technology allows the audience to listen and see what the message is about. These are formatted very differently than the written stories. You would have to use less words to get the message out to the audience because time is money on the radio. The message must be as simple and clear as possible so everyone will be able to understand the message. The same goes to television. You are given the opportunity to use both sound and sight to capture the attention of the audience. The message has to be clear, simple and unique. If the video is too distracting, it might begin to confuse the audience and the message will not be digested. If the video is too simple, the audience will show no interest. So even though you have more to work with, you also have to be careful as to how you put out the message. The same will apply to the Internet. Since everyone have the opportunity to upload videos to the web, it makes it easier for the message to spread to mass media. Youtube, Vimeo, etc makes all this possible. But because of this, it will sometimes be difficult because everyone has the chance to upload something so it is even harder to get a unique idea that will stand out to the audience that has seen almost everything already. Talk shows have been popular for many years now and to get a guest appearance is difficult so the public relations team will either send an email or call the station and tell the story in 30 seconds or less.

Media Monitoring #3

“AirAsia’s Fernandes named Airline Industry Leader of the Year”
January 23r, 2014

Summary: Tony Fernandes, AirAsia’s CEO, was named Airline Industry Leader of the Year at the 4th Annual Aviation Awards. This award is decided by the replies and votes of executives, department head, and marketing directer level.

Relevance: It’s important to know this and look at all thing things Fernandes is doing with his airline that gave him the right to earn this title. Because we’re still a new company, it will also benefit us by striving to gain this title and credibility someday.


“Delta named Airline of the year by Air Transport World”
Press Release | Market Watch
January 23, 2014

Summary: For the first time in a decade, a US carrier, Delta, has been named Airline of the Year Air Transport World magazine. The ATW editors quoted that because of the competitiveness of the airline industry, it’s important to have strong leadership in the company to unite and lead the workers in a positive direction. Delta, the claimed, has done just that.

Relevance: Again, it;s important for Air Pacific to study the do’s and don’ts’ in the air industry. Since we are new, we have an advantage of looking back and studying the history of mistakes and positive decisions other airline companies have done. Focusing on Delta than other companies will be easier for Air Pacific to relate because it is an American company, like us.


“Donate Airline Miles to Kids In Need through NBC 7’s Wishes-in-Flight” By Leah Sutton
NBC San Diego News
January 22, 2014

Summary: Nik Keswani is a 15-year-old born with dwarfism, which gave him a rare disorder that disables his bones, muscles, and heart. He went through a hard surgery and had to relearn how to walk again. Because of all this, he wanted a break and was able to take a vacation to Maui with his family through the donations of Wishes-in-Flight.

Relevance: This is an extremely good cause; if Air Pacific were to come up and create a similar foundation that aids people in need, it will not only raise awareness, but also bring a good name to our airline. It is important to be cautious of our image as we are still starting up. Anything we do our say will be judged by the public and the first impression of us will last forever.


“Northern Cape launches own airline”
January 22, 2014

Summary: Phakalane Airways launched on Wednesday and will offer flights between from Kimberly, Upington, and Springbok. They partnered up  the government in order to cut traveling costs. They hired 8 pilots and 4 instructors and two beach 1900 will be used.

Relevance: Since Phakalane Airways is also just starting up, it would be a good idea to build a friendship by reaching out to them to show them support. We will be able to help each other out and give advice to one another. Since they are starting a couple weeks ahead of us, we can also study the decisions they’re making and observe if they work.


“”Andy Lau to pay millions to Taiwanese Airline” By Heidi Hsia
Yahoo! News
January 23, 2014

Summary: Andy Lau, a well known Taiwanese actor, was fined by the court in Taiwan to pay the compensation of the damages he caused back in 1997. The lawsuit was filed by Daily Air in 1998 but was dragged out because Andy is not a permanent resident in Taiwan. The accident ocurred on a helicopter provided by Daily Air for the movie “The Island of Greed.” As Andy was about to do his stunt, he brushed up against the pitch stick which caused the rotor blade to hit lighting equipment near by.

Relevance: This is a good example of history that Air Pacific has to look at because if in the future, producers or executives of movies, television shows, photographers, or any other kind of partnership outside of the airline industry asks us for a partnership, we would have to think long and hard before making a decision because it could end up causing an incident like this.

Monday Readings: Chapters 7 & 8

As we’re beginning to touch base on the writing aspect of public relations, I thought this chapter was very informative and helpful. The book states that the message we put out to the audience has to be appropriate, meaningful, memorable, understandable, and believable to the prospective recipient. I will remember to follow these points as I write my proposal for the Air Pacific assignment. The chapter also touched on the five communication elements. It showed me how important it is to understand the concept of encoder sending a message to the decoder and then sending feedback back to the encoder and they would decode that message. Even though it seems like a simple, easy concept, I feel like it’s extremely important to remember because I studied it in my communication foundations class. It’s important to remember this module because we have to remember that the audience’s feedback is just as important as the message itself. Everyone interprets messages differently. Even though we might all be reading the same material, we might dissect it differently, which is why media monitoring is also important. We have to understand what is appropriate and what the audience wants as well. Because people are in a rush and lose interests easily, it’s crucial that to get straight to the point and avoid using big, cliche words. It’s necessary to make the messages memorable. Repetition is very important because it will help the audience remember and might make the decision to act on something. Delivering a message to raise awareness is a difficult job, therefore delivering a message that is interesting is crucial.

Chapter eight focuses on the measurement and evaluation of the work itself. The companies and organizations providing the money is expecting great work and will want to know exactly how we spent the money to create the project, therefore the measurement and evaluation is an important part of the process. The evaluation includes the production, message exposure, audience awareness, audience attitudes, and audience action. There are so many things to count because public relations workers are doing so much work. Often times they also work for many companies as well so that makes it harder to keep track. One way of keeping track is to count how many news releases, feature stories, and other releases were put out by the public relations company. Another way of counting is by counting the clips. You can also track internet visitors and calculate the monetary value of message exposure. To measure the audience’s reaction, the public relations company measure the awareness, attitudes, and their action regarding the message being delivered. I thought this chapter is necessary because t’s not only important to know how to deliver the message itself, but to know what kind of result was given after the message. The companies and organizations have a right to know how well the press is doing. The measurement of supplemental activities should be done at least once a year. Because the communications and media relations world is constantly changing, it’s important to know and analyze each year. The public relations companies rely on team work, so its crucial that all the employees know and work well together as a team. An informal interview with each employee and the leaders/managers of the companies will help determine how well the company is working together.

Media Monitoring #2

“Where to lounge around in 2014” By David Flynn
The Sydney Morning Herald
January 15th, 2014

Summary: International airlines are putting more money and effort in order to develop the service and overall look of airport lounges. Singapore airlines are reported to spend $90 million makeover for their lounges at Singapore, London and Hong Kong. Many other international airlines are doing this as well. Including Virgin Australia, Qantas, SkyTeam, and Etihad.

Relevance: We should keep a look out as to how we’re going to be building our lounges in a unique and effective way that will be as appealing to the costumers. Since older airlines are upgrading and expanding, we should be able to build a lounge that will be up to the new standards.


“WestJet named Value Airline of the Year”
Wall Street Journal
January 13th, 2014

Summary: Canada’s second largest airline, WestJet, was given the title of Value Airline of the Year by Air Transport World. They were given this title because of their low fares and was also recognized as a company with amazing customer service. They will be receiving this award on Feb. 10th, 2014 at Singapore on the eve of the Singapore Air Show, which is attended by many executives of airlines all over the world.

Relevance: Because of their many achievements, we should research WestJet and take notes as to what they are doing right and adapt that into our airline. We should also build a friendly relationship by congratulating them for the award and tell our employees that it will be our goal one day to earn that title and be recognized as one of the best airlines in the countries.


“Avianca follows other airline in capping World Cup fares”
WTVQ | Associated Press
January 14th, 2014

Summary: Avianca and Azul airline both promised to cap World Cup fares. They estimated that 500,000 to 600,000 foreign fans will visit Brazil for the World Cup. Avianca plan on matching Azul’s air fare and to limit one way fares to a maximum of $425.

Relevance: This would be a good idea in order to get our name out there. If we were to also participate or sponsor an event like this, it would create more awareness for our airline and get our name out there.


“Air Canada Rouge Offering Jobs, To expand service to Calgary and Vancouver” By Ester Tanquintic-Misa
International Business Times
January 15th, 2014

Summary: Air Canada Rouge plans on expanding and therefore seeks new, youthful workers with an average age of 25. Their goal is to reach a total of 650 workforce by the end of 2014.

Relevance: This is good publicity because not only does it get their names out to the public, but it also attracts workers. In addition, it shows that we are helping the economy by hiring new workers. Since Air Pacific is still a new airline, they are obviously still looking for new, excited workers. We could do something similar by contacting reporters and begin establishing a name for ourselves.


“Chick-fil-A, Southwest most preferred restaurant, airline for business travelers” By Nacy Trejos
WWLTV News | New Orleans
January 16th, 2014

Summary: This article focuses on business travelers and what they prefer to eat and what their diet is like while they are abroad for a meeting. Because it’s important for food/beverage to be cheap, the article reported that fast food played a huge role in business traveler’s diet. It’s quick, cheap, and easy to bring on the go.

Relevance: Since most airlines don’t provide food on the plane now, I thought it would be a good idea to include that on the menu. Business travelers don’t often get to sit down and enjoy their meals because they’re constantly on the go, so it would be relaxing for them to be able to sit down and eat a free meal while in the air. I think this could really help promote our airline.

Monday Readings: Chapters 1, 2, 3, & 4

Chapters 1 & 2

I found chapter one really interesting and informative as I, myself, was not completely sure as to what public relation is. However, after reading the many definition, job description, and responsibilities one would have working in public relations made me want to pursue it even more. It was also very important that the book brought up the issue of ethics and how easily you could decide to ignore that in this industry. I want to be able to excel in this industry without having to forget the ethics and my morals. The one thing I would say that’s most intimidating about pursuing this career is that it’s important to be well rounded in all aspects because sometimes the work of managing and advertising also overlap and one would have many tasks to do and be responsible for. The chapter also touched based with internships and how executives of public relation companies view interns as the future of the company. I believe that it’s very important to intern and experience work hands-on, (it is also a requirement to graduate) but I am finding it difficult to start networking and getting more familiar with the public relations world.

Chapter two is on the history and growth of public relations. Because it originated from the United States, it is now shown to be one of the biggest industries. In other countries, it is not as developed, but year after year it is showing its growth. The book mentions a couple of the founding fathers of public relations: Edward Bernays, Ivy Lee, etc. They were both responsible for so many movements and helped many bog organizations/companies to become what they are today. For example, Bernays helped the “Torches of Liberty” during the twenty’s that made it possible for women to smoke in public if they wanted to. Fast-forward to today’s public relations industry and you will see that it is female dominated. Because women are more sensitive and have better listening skills than men, I believe that it is a good industry for women to work in. Because this industry is also internationally based, it makes it more multicultural and many companies would often recruit minorities. For myself, if I were to work for a firm or an in house public relation for a company, I would like to be responsible for communicating with the Asian countries like China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Since I have the ability to be fluent in Mandarin, I think it is a good opportunity for me to pursue this career.

Chapters 3 & 4

Chapter three focuses more on the ethics and the foundation of public relations. There is so much manipulating and scheming in our society so I thought it was refreshing to hear that honesty and transparency is important to an industry like public relations. Chapter 3 also mentions the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). It was very informative about all the programs, seminars, and course they offer at PRSA. It is nice to know that the public relations community in America comes together to form this program to help each other develop the industry even better each year. I have heard of PRSSA and am aware of its chapter at Seattle University, but I was not aware that the program also included so many different things to help students net work and find internships to help develop their career. I hope to join the organization when I get the chance to and start stepping into the world of public relations, networking with executives and get more insight on what it is like to work at a firm. There are other organizations like the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and International Public Relations Association (IPRA) that is mainly focused on the international aspect of public relations. I think it is good that there are so many good organizations out there to help students step their foot into developing their career. The second half of the chapter focuses on the study of public relations and it mentions how continuing your education is important in this industry because it is always growing and changing.

Chapter four talks about public relations departments and firms and their ability, power, and responsibilities. Because the public relations department is responsible for communicating, they are required to become experts. Although some people still look down or do not take the industry seriously, it is a well known fact that the communications department is in charge of many things like media relations, public relations, communications strategy, reputation management, internet communication, social media, etc. This makes me even more excited because it is good to know that in the future I would not be doing the same things everyday. Because of how different each client is, the organization and strategy of each project will be different. I would hope to be a part of the creative department as well as the social media department in the public relations industry. The book also strongly states that advertising, marketing, human resources, and legal work in a company all have to work together with the public relations department. If not, the company would not be in sync. It is so interesting to read about the many different project a public relations have to deal with on a day to day basis. To me, it is important that I will be learning how to promote a company, organization, project, or event that supports a good cause or will benefit for the better of our society. The information we reach out and communicate to others is very important. Public relations gets business by request for proposals (RFP) which is nice to know because if there was a proposal that did not sound right, we are not forced to work and collaborate with that company. But this also depends on the quality of the people, as it states in the book, which I agree with completely. I hope to work for a company that values the good and have decent morals.

Media Monitoring #1

“What to watch in airline industry: Phones, profits, love field” By Andrea Ahles
Startribute Business / Fort Worth Star – Telegram
January 4th, 2014

Summary: The airline industry is developing vastly because the passenger demand is getting higher and higher. Mergers, possible cell phone usage on flights, and more flights are being made available for customers.

Relevance: Air Pacific is a small, developing company competing with big airline companies. We have to find a way to separate ourselves from the big sharks and make us stand out.


“Airline passengers in dark about rights, advocate says” By Leslie MacKinnon
CBC News
January 9th, 2014

Summary: Passengers frustrated when overbooked or canceled flights occur and luggage lost. Many people are not aware of their rights and the airline has to compensate the passengers according to the length of delay.

Relevance: Because Air Pacific is still small, it cannot afford to lose this kind of money. The company has to do its best to not overbook flights, be sure of the weather and time schedules of the planes in case of layovers, and be extremely careful with the luggages. That way the company does not lose any money while living up to a good name and costumers stay happy.


“Virgin America Flight Attendant Delights Passengers With Safety Video Dace”
Huffington Post
January 8th, 2014

Summary: Virgin America’s safety dance video came out about two months ago, but this time a flight attendant on a plane participated in dancing as well.

Relevance: Most people find flying a bore and a drag. It would be a good idea to create something fun and interesting for Air Pacific to make the environment more enjoyable for both the workers and passengers.


“Airline in talks over £30,000 Lauren air-rage compensation claim” By Caroline Crawford
Independent ie / Irish News
January 10th, 2014

Summary: The niece of Ralph Lauren was charged after being found guilty of boarding a Delta flight while intoxicated. Not only did she abuse some of the flight attendance, but Delta was also forced to land elsewhere due to the disruption and it cost the airline roughly $35,000.

Relevance: It’s important that Air Pacific knows how to deal with difficult costumers like this. Not only do we have to excel as a company, but we also have to protect our workers and their rights.


“Airport anger flares into attack, cops say” By Robert Nolin
Sun Sentinel
January 9th, 2014,0,3282405.story

Summary: A women attacked a  United Airlines ticketing worker while she was trying to help the costumer.

Relevance: Again, another example of dealing with difficult costumers. The protection and rights of our workers should be important to Air Pacific and if something like this were to happen to us, we need to know how to deal with it correctly.