Media Monitoring #10

“Airlines cannot refuse to fly differently-abled people: Govt”
Press trust of India | Business Standard
March 12, 2014

Summary: The government has come out with a new rule for air travel that states all airports and airlines are required to facilitate and assist the disabled by providing all the needs they need. They also require all workers go through proper training to learn how to assist them.

Relevance: Since this is a new rule that affects all airports and airlines, it is something important for Air Pacific to know because we will have to put in a request for training the workers. It is also a good idea to let the costumers know that we will be providing the needs of all costumers.


“Airline officials dodge water bottles”
MSN News
March 12, 2014

Summary: It has been 4 days since the plane from Malaysian Airline been missing and there is still no answer from the officials. Because of the lack of information, families are left angry and took it upon themselves to meet the officials and throw water bottles at them.

Relevance: It is events like this that is important to keep contacting and doing the best to communicate with your costumers and families. There is no right or easy way to handle a situation like this, but I do think that the Malaysian Airline officials are not trying hard enough to provide more information about the missing flight. Air Pacific will have to watch out and prepare ahead for situations like these.


“How to avoid annoying airline surcharges” By Kris Cleave
ABC 7 News
March 12, 2014

Summary: Many airlines are becoming more and more strict about enforcing the size limits on carry on bags. Some of these charges will go as high as $100. There are also changes in flight changes. The three major airlines increased the fee to $200.

Relevance: Because we are a smaller airline, this will be an advantage to us. We can release a statement or let our costumers know that there will be no annoying fees and therefore attract even more costumers.


“United Airline to Intro In-flight movie service starting in April exclusively for Apple Devices”
Patently Apple
March 12, 2014

Summary: Starting in April, Apple users will have the advantage of using their devices to choose over 150 movies and an estimate of 200 TV shows to choose from and watch them all free of charge. This will work through the United Airlines app.

Relevance: This is a new idea thats never really been around. So I think it is good for Air Pacific to stay alert about this idea and monitor whether it gets positive or negative feedback. From there we can choose if we want to adapt this concept or not.


“At long last, your company can advertise on airline barf bags” By Brad Tuttle
March 12, 2014

Summary: Sprint airlines is currently looking for sponsorships on flight attendants apron, windows and barf bags. This airline is not known for its class and is focused on the low fares. The CEO of the airline proudly calls his airline, “a dollar in the sky,” or a bus with wings.

Relevance: I have to admit that this is not such a bad idea. Although being known as a non classy airline might not be the best thing. It does however provide the company money for sponsorships so they could expand or improve themselves. It is a question of whether or not Air Pacific should also seek out sponsorships or stay classy.


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