Media Monitoring #9

“Bumped From a flight, app help fliers collect airline fees” By Harriet Baskas
Mar 5, 2014

Summary: Airhelp, a free app, helps fliers decide wether they are eligible for compensation when their flights are overbooked, canceled, or delayed. Because fliers often do not have any idea what to do when something goes wrong with their flight and airlines sometimes may not provide the best and fastest service, Airhelp will be able to provide information for fliers quickly through a few clicks in the free app.

Relevance: It is important for Air Pacific to provide quick and friendly customer service when flights are delayed, canceled, or overbooked. Because these are events that we cannot avoid, it is best to know what to do and decide what we are offering for our customers.


“Air travel this spring will take off, airline industry predicts” By Hugo Martin
Los Angeles Times Business
Mar 5, 2014,0,4251891.story#axzz2vH6wDERr

Summary: Because of the decline of fuel cost, the airline industry has experienced a health growth in 2013. An increase of 7.8 percent in revenue was reported, which is an estimate of $11.6 billion. The airline industry expects the industry to continue growing this spring.

Relevance: This news is just something that is important to hear and report for Air Pacific because we are an new airline that is launching during the Spring. Since the industry is experiencing such a good growth, it allows us to expand and take more risks as a new company.


“Healthy snacks and gluten free airline foods options coming to more carriers”
Huffington Post
Mar 4, 2014

Summary: Gluten free foods, greek yogurt, and artisan ice cream has become a recent trend in the airline foods options. United, American Airlines, Delta, and Air Canada have all adopted this idea of a healthier options for their fliers.

Relevance: Because we are flying to and from Los Angeles, it is important for Air Pacific to adopt this concept. The people of Los Angeles enjoy gluten-free and organic snacks and foods. So I think it would be a good idea for Air Pacific to take this idea even further and offer completely organic food for customers who prefer it.


“World’s best travel reward programs” By Katia Hetter
West Palm Beach News | CNN
Mar 5, 2014

Summary: American Airlines’ AAProgram has been voted the best airline affinity program by Flytalk members. Their executive platinum program offers eight free one-way upgrades systemwide upon qualification. United Airlines came in second as their club lounges in the US offers free food and beverages.

Relevance: It is important for Air Pacific to focus on developing a good rewards program because a lot of fliers rely on these programs for their flights. These reward programs can almost always guarantee a customer will always fly with our airline if they become a member.


“Top five global airline companies: performance, strategies, and competitive analysis”
PR Newswire | Digital Journal
Mar 6, 2014

Summary: The top five global airline companies have been announced by the Research and Markets. The top five airlines are: Deutsche Lufthansa AG, United Continental Holdings Inc., Delta Airlines Inc., Air France KLM, FedEx Corp. It was also announced that it is estimated that the industry will reach $767 billion by 2018.

Relevance: It is important to keep track of the companies that are doing the best so Air Pacific can learn from their history in order to develop and expand into a bigger, better airline. It would be a good idea to reach out to these companies and be on friendly terms with them because they might be able to help out and there might be possible business partnerships that can develop through these business friendships.


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