Monday Readings: Chapter 16

The public relations world is filled with meetings and events. It is vital to the audience because it lets them participate face to face. There are many factors that come into play while planning a meeting or an event. It is important to think about the location and the seating arrangement. Both of these have to be appropriate and be responsible for arranging it ahead of time. The facilities and invitations are also an important part of the planning process because depending on the different size of the meeting or event, there will be different equipment and announcement needed. If a big meeting or event is held, it might be necessary to provide greetings, name tags, and programs to help the event more organized. Planning an event held at a banquet will require more planning. Depending on the party, it is important to arrange meetings with catering managers to provide drinks, snacks, or even a full meal for the attending guests. All of these organization requires logistics, timing, and teamwork. It is essential to organize a timeline for the event for it to go smoothly; it is important that it begins and ends at a certain time. It is also important to establish what kind of event you are holding. A short cocktail party might not need as much of food or time as other events. In cocktail parties and receptions, it is also important to acknowledge that the focus is to allow people move freely and interact with each other. Conventions require a series of meetings and its purpose is to gather and exchange information with other people. Planning a convention will usually take months and planning a large convention will sometimes take years of planning. The main components in planning a convention is timing, location, facilities, exhibits, program, recreation, attendance, and administration. Trade shows are the ultimate marketing event. It is estimated that more than 6,000 trade shows are held in the United States each year and more than 100,000 attendees to those events. Even though food and entertainments expenses are high, most of the expenses are spent at the exhibit booths. It is important to design a booth for maximum visibility because according to experts, booths have about 10 seconds to attract a visitor as she walks down the trade show. A lot of organizations and companies believe that it is worth it to invest a booth at a trade show because it allows one-on-one communication with potential costumers and helps generate sale leads. It also attracts many journalists making it easier and more efficient to provide press materials. Organizations can also show how its product is different and better than their competitor making it easier and more cost effective than making sales calls. Promotional events are held to increase awareness and promote a product. For these events, it is important that it is different so it creates more interests from the attendees. It is not unusual for public relations person uses a celebrity to promote their product. It might not be the most creative solution to promote a product, but it does make the media more willing to cover the event and product.


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