Media Monitoring #10

“Airlines cannot refuse to fly differently-abled people: Govt”
Press trust of India | Business Standard
March 12, 2014

Summary: The government has come out with a new rule for air travel that states all airports and airlines are required to facilitate and assist the disabled by providing all the needs they need. They also require all workers go through proper training to learn how to assist them.

Relevance: Since this is a new rule that affects all airports and airlines, it is something important for Air Pacific to know because we will have to put in a request for training the workers. It is also a good idea to let the costumers know that we will be providing the needs of all costumers.


“Airline officials dodge water bottles”
MSN News
March 12, 2014

Summary: It has been 4 days since the plane from Malaysian Airline been missing and there is still no answer from the officials. Because of the lack of information, families are left angry and took it upon themselves to meet the officials and throw water bottles at them.

Relevance: It is events like this that is important to keep contacting and doing the best to communicate with your costumers and families. There is no right or easy way to handle a situation like this, but I do think that the Malaysian Airline officials are not trying hard enough to provide more information about the missing flight. Air Pacific will have to watch out and prepare ahead for situations like these.


“How to avoid annoying airline surcharges” By Kris Cleave
ABC 7 News
March 12, 2014

Summary: Many airlines are becoming more and more strict about enforcing the size limits on carry on bags. Some of these charges will go as high as $100. There are also changes in flight changes. The three major airlines increased the fee to $200.

Relevance: Because we are a smaller airline, this will be an advantage to us. We can release a statement or let our costumers know that there will be no annoying fees and therefore attract even more costumers.


“United Airline to Intro In-flight movie service starting in April exclusively for Apple Devices”
Patently Apple
March 12, 2014

Summary: Starting in April, Apple users will have the advantage of using their devices to choose over 150 movies and an estimate of 200 TV shows to choose from and watch them all free of charge. This will work through the United Airlines app.

Relevance: This is a new idea thats never really been around. So I think it is good for Air Pacific to stay alert about this idea and monitor whether it gets positive or negative feedback. From there we can choose if we want to adapt this concept or not.


“At long last, your company can advertise on airline barf bags” By Brad Tuttle
March 12, 2014

Summary: Sprint airlines is currently looking for sponsorships on flight attendants apron, windows and barf bags. This airline is not known for its class and is focused on the low fares. The CEO of the airline proudly calls his airline, “a dollar in the sky,” or a bus with wings.

Relevance: I have to admit that this is not such a bad idea. Although being known as a non classy airline might not be the best thing. It does however provide the company money for sponsorships so they could expand or improve themselves. It is a question of whether or not Air Pacific should also seek out sponsorships or stay classy.


Monday Readings: Chapter 3 and 12

There is so much manipulating and scheming in our society so I thought it was refreshing to hear that honesty and transparency is important to an industry like public relations. Chapter 3 also mentions the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). It was very informative about all the programs, seminars, and course they offer at PRSA. It is nice to know that the public relations community in America comes together to form this program to help each other develop the industry even better each year. I have heard of PRSSA and am aware of its chapter at Seattle University, but I was not aware that the program also included so many different things to help students net work and find internships to help develop their career. I hope to join the organization when I get the chance to and start stepping into the world of public relations, networking with executives and get more insight on what it is like to work at a firm. There are other organizations like the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and International Public Relations Association (IPRA) that is mainly focused on the international aspect of public relations. I think it is good that there are so many good organizations out there to help students step their foot into developing their career. The second half of the chapter focuses on the study of public relations and it mentions how continuing your education is important in this industry because it is always growing and changing.

Public relations, ethics, and the law all tie in together. It is important to keep your ethics and morals when practicing public relations because there are many details that tie into the industry. Lawsuits can be held when a company uses a picture of someone without their permission. There can also be situations where someone is held responsible because he is a coconspirator. This occurs when this person participates in an illegal action, counsels and guides the policy behind an illegal action, takes a major personal part in an illegal action and etc. There are also situations when an organization is held responsible for libel because they released made a  false accusation or statement or injures someone’s image. For this reason, it is important to watch the language being said and released in the public’s eye because a suit can be filed if the statement is false. In the public relations review article, it is suggested that, “Opinion statements be accompanied by the facts on which the opinions are based, statements of opinions be clearly labeled as such, and the context of the language surrounding the expression of opinion be reviewed for possible legal implications.” It is also important to remember what kind of information employees should and should not provide due to the right of privacy. Other issues regarding this topic includes the copyright of artwork, photography, and writing. It is important to give credit to the rightful owner of that work otherwise legal actions might take place as well. The same goes for trademarks. It is estimated that 90 percent of American corporations are dealing with lawsuits at any given time. Because there are so many grey areas and details to watch out for, it is essential to be extremely careful of what you say and release to the public at any given time.

Media Monitoring #9

“Bumped From a flight, app help fliers collect airline fees” By Harriet Baskas
Mar 5, 2014

Summary: Airhelp, a free app, helps fliers decide wether they are eligible for compensation when their flights are overbooked, canceled, or delayed. Because fliers often do not have any idea what to do when something goes wrong with their flight and airlines sometimes may not provide the best and fastest service, Airhelp will be able to provide information for fliers quickly through a few clicks in the free app.

Relevance: It is important for Air Pacific to provide quick and friendly customer service when flights are delayed, canceled, or overbooked. Because these are events that we cannot avoid, it is best to know what to do and decide what we are offering for our customers.


“Air travel this spring will take off, airline industry predicts” By Hugo Martin
Los Angeles Times Business
Mar 5, 2014,0,4251891.story#axzz2vH6wDERr

Summary: Because of the decline of fuel cost, the airline industry has experienced a health growth in 2013. An increase of 7.8 percent in revenue was reported, which is an estimate of $11.6 billion. The airline industry expects the industry to continue growing this spring.

Relevance: This news is just something that is important to hear and report for Air Pacific because we are an new airline that is launching during the Spring. Since the industry is experiencing such a good growth, it allows us to expand and take more risks as a new company.


“Healthy snacks and gluten free airline foods options coming to more carriers”
Huffington Post
Mar 4, 2014

Summary: Gluten free foods, greek yogurt, and artisan ice cream has become a recent trend in the airline foods options. United, American Airlines, Delta, and Air Canada have all adopted this idea of a healthier options for their fliers.

Relevance: Because we are flying to and from Los Angeles, it is important for Air Pacific to adopt this concept. The people of Los Angeles enjoy gluten-free and organic snacks and foods. So I think it would be a good idea for Air Pacific to take this idea even further and offer completely organic food for customers who prefer it.


“World’s best travel reward programs” By Katia Hetter
West Palm Beach News | CNN
Mar 5, 2014

Summary: American Airlines’ AAProgram has been voted the best airline affinity program by Flytalk members. Their executive platinum program offers eight free one-way upgrades systemwide upon qualification. United Airlines came in second as their club lounges in the US offers free food and beverages.

Relevance: It is important for Air Pacific to focus on developing a good rewards program because a lot of fliers rely on these programs for their flights. These reward programs can almost always guarantee a customer will always fly with our airline if they become a member.


“Top five global airline companies: performance, strategies, and competitive analysis”
PR Newswire | Digital Journal
Mar 6, 2014

Summary: The top five global airline companies have been announced by the Research and Markets. The top five airlines are: Deutsche Lufthansa AG, United Continental Holdings Inc., Delta Airlines Inc., Air France KLM, FedEx Corp. It was also announced that it is estimated that the industry will reach $767 billion by 2018.

Relevance: It is important to keep track of the companies that are doing the best so Air Pacific can learn from their history in order to develop and expand into a bigger, better airline. It would be a good idea to reach out to these companies and be on friendly terms with them because they might be able to help out and there might be possible business partnerships that can develop through these business friendships.

Monday Readings: Chapter 16

The public relations world is filled with meetings and events. It is vital to the audience because it lets them participate face to face. There are many factors that come into play while planning a meeting or an event. It is important to think about the location and the seating arrangement. Both of these have to be appropriate and be responsible for arranging it ahead of time. The facilities and invitations are also an important part of the planning process because depending on the different size of the meeting or event, there will be different equipment and announcement needed. If a big meeting or event is held, it might be necessary to provide greetings, name tags, and programs to help the event more organized. Planning an event held at a banquet will require more planning. Depending on the party, it is important to arrange meetings with catering managers to provide drinks, snacks, or even a full meal for the attending guests. All of these organization requires logistics, timing, and teamwork. It is essential to organize a timeline for the event for it to go smoothly; it is important that it begins and ends at a certain time. It is also important to establish what kind of event you are holding. A short cocktail party might not need as much of food or time as other events. In cocktail parties and receptions, it is also important to acknowledge that the focus is to allow people move freely and interact with each other. Conventions require a series of meetings and its purpose is to gather and exchange information with other people. Planning a convention will usually take months and planning a large convention will sometimes take years of planning. The main components in planning a convention is timing, location, facilities, exhibits, program, recreation, attendance, and administration. Trade shows are the ultimate marketing event. It is estimated that more than 6,000 trade shows are held in the United States each year and more than 100,000 attendees to those events. Even though food and entertainments expenses are high, most of the expenses are spent at the exhibit booths. It is important to design a booth for maximum visibility because according to experts, booths have about 10 seconds to attract a visitor as she walks down the trade show. A lot of organizations and companies believe that it is worth it to invest a booth at a trade show because it allows one-on-one communication with potential costumers and helps generate sale leads. It also attracts many journalists making it easier and more efficient to provide press materials. Organizations can also show how its product is different and better than their competitor making it easier and more cost effective than making sales calls. Promotional events are held to increase awareness and promote a product. For these events, it is important that it is different so it creates more interests from the attendees. It is not unusual for public relations person uses a celebrity to promote their product. It might not be the most creative solution to promote a product, but it does make the media more willing to cover the event and product.