Media Monitoring #8

“Delta to award frequent fliers bonus based on ticket price”
CNBC Online News
Feb 26, 2014

Summary: Delta Airlines has started a new system of giving bonuses to fliers who purchase more expensive tickets. This system is mainly focused on first and business class fliers. These bonus points will give the frequent fliers even more advantage when they fly with Delta.

Relevance: As this is a new system an airline is starting, it is good to look out and monitor how Delta’s customers are reacting to this change. If the outcomes are good, it would be a good idea for Air Pacific to adopt this system as well.


“American Airlines ends bereavement fares” By Katia Hetter
CNN Travel
Feb 27, 2014

Summary: American Airlines has released a statement that they will be putting an end to bereavement fares. Instead, they will offer changeable tickets for those who need it. Other airlines are still offering discounts for customers who are experiencing a family’s sudden death or illness.

Relevance: This would be a good time to announce the benefits Air Pacific is offering for customers suffering from a family’s death or illness. It is good to let reporters know what customers will gain from when they choose to fly with Air Pacific during these hard times.


“Alaska Airlines workers get annual bonus Wednesday” By Ben Miller
Puget Sound Business Journal
Feb 26, 2014

Summary: Alaska Airlines workers will be receiving bonuses worth up to 9 percent of their pay or more than five weeks pay for most workers.

Relevance: There have been a lot of news on raising worker’s pay. Air Pacific can announce officially on the wages and benefits we are offering to our workers.


“Tony Hsieh- backed startup airline adding Las Vegas flights” By Eli Segall
Vegas Inc
Feb 26, 2014

Summary: Surf Airlines, an all you can fly membership, plans on offering flights between Las Vegas to Southern California. They’re expecting things to go really well because an estimate of 40 million annual visitors from Southern California.

Relevance: Since Air Pacific is based in Los Angeles, we could adopt the same thing or work out a business partnership with Surf Airlines to offer costumers even more flights.


“Virgin Airline’s in-flight safety video pays homepage to cinema and the Oscars”
Huffington Post Travel | AFP
Feb 26, 2014

Summary: Virgin Airline plans on releasing another safety video, but this time it is an animated demo that pays homepage to classic films and genre. It will start on March 1st and continue on the 2nd, which is on the day of the Oscars.

Relevance: Virgin Airline has consistently been releasing new safety videos that caught people’s attention and made it to the news. Air Pacific should adopt this idea and release something unique and eye-catching to the customers so there will be more awareness built on the airline.


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