Media Monitoring #7

“Feds Issue Shoe-Bomb Advisory for US-bound planes”
By Jay Blackman, Jonathan Dienst, Pete Williams and Bob Windrem
NBC New York
Feb 19, 2014

Summary: Department of Homeland Security have notified all Airlines to pay extreme attention to international flights coming into the United States because of the potential attack of passenger jets using explosives in shoes. This threat is not related to the Winter Olympics which is going on right now.

Relevance: This is something that is super important and our airline should send out information or let journalists know how we would handle this information if we were an airline that is already launched. Customers will want to know exactly what is going on because it is regarding to their well-being and safety.


“Air China To be First Airline Equipped with GX Aviaiton for High-speed Global In-flight Wi-fi”
Wall Street Journal | PR News Wire
Feb 19, 2014

Summary: Air China will be the first airline to work with Honeywell and Inmarsat to test GX Ka-band connectivity solution to bring commercial airplanes better wi-fi connection making the passengers feel more at home or at work. They expect a 60 percent improvement for download speed.

Relevance: This is something Air Pacific must pay attention to. I am focusing on the frequent business flyers and it is really important that they have access to wi-fi at all times.


“Priceline Books Strong 4Q Beat on Hotel, Airline growth” By Matthew Rocco
Fox Business News
Fev 20, 2014

Summary: According to Priceline, an online travel search engine that helps costumers find cheaper flights and hotel accommodation, their net income has risen about $100 million and their revenue went up 29 percent in the past year.

Relevance: This is something that is important to airlines because we want to book our flights to its full capacity and to do that, we need to work with websites like Priceline. Not only will this fill the seats of our flights, but it will also get our name out there. And if our first time costumers enjoy their flight, they will want to fly with us again.


“Virgin America Introduces posh new first class food service”
E Turbo News
Feb 20, 2014

Summary: Virgin America introduces first class menu and service that will launch 0n Mar 4. They’re holding an event on Twitter where people can cast their votes as to which ice cream flavor they want to be served.

Relevance: This is important because we are slowly starting to see airlines are introducing new ways to update and make their airlines even better. This has to be considered when we launch our airline because we have to be able to compete with the old airlines. This topic also ties in with my Los Angeles based Air Pacific because frequent business travelers rarely have the time to sit down and enjoy a meal so it is important that we will offer full menu and service to them to make them feel more comfortable.


“American Airlines become second airline to bump workers’ wages — but JetBlue not budging yet”
By Kenneth Lovett
New York Daily News
Feb 21, 2014

Summary: As a part of the Daily News’ Fair Pay campaign, American Airlines will be boosting $1 for workers getting paid $9 an hour or less. They will also receive a raise to $10.10 early next year.

Relevance: This is an important matter because even though it is happening in New York, it is likely that it might happen in Los Angeles in the near future. To be supporting campaigns like this will make Air Pacific more friendly and customers will want to be flying with us instead of other airlines.


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