Media Monitoring #6

“Worst day of the winter for airlines and passengers” By Chris Isidore
CNN Money
Feb. 13th, 2014

Summary: The storm at the east coast has caused 71,000 flights to be canceled. Experts say that this year’s flight cancellations is the worse since 9/11’s terrorist attack. About 5.6 million passengers have been affected with flight cancellations and 42.8 million have been affected with flight delays.

Relevance: This is important for Air Pacific to know because we are a new company and do not have experience dealing with canceled and delayed flights due to the weather. Even though we are launching in March, there is still a high possibility that it will snow.


“Airline Passenger Group calls for transparency in American US Airways merger settlement with Justice Department”
PR Newswire | Digital Journal
Feb. 13th, 2014

Summary:, the largest airline passenger advocacy organization, has called the US Justice Department for the release of lobbying. They believe that the Obama Administration has the financial interest in higher airfares at the expense of the passengers. They also filed for a Freedom of Information request and was denied by the Department of Justice.

Relevance: I don’t think the news itself is too important, but I did not know about this organization. Since they are an organization that advocates the rights of passengers, I think it is important to be on a friendly relationship with them. Also, if Air Pacific does well or seem to do something that pleases them, there is the high possibility of Air Pacific being praised on their website, which will attract more costumers.


“Southwest Airlines finishes last in on-time arrivals” By Terry Maxon
Dallas News
Feb. 12th, 2014

Summary: According to US Department of Transportation, Southwest Airlines have come in last for on-time arrivals in the last four months of 2013. In December, only 57.7 percent of flights arrived on-time or within 14 minutes of scheduled arrival.

Relevance: Departing and arriving on-time for arrivals is something that passengers value very much for an airline. Since Air Pacific is trying to establish and make a name for itself, it is important to take note of this and be cautious.


“FlightStats 2013 Airline On-Time Performance Service Award Announced”
PR Web
Feb. 12th, 2014

Summary: FlightStats, Inc. is the leader in global flight and airport information services. They have announced the best of the best airline carriers of 2013. The North America airline winner is Alaska Airlines. Internationally, the winner is Japan Airlines.

Relevance: This is another major organization Air Pacific should be aware about. A praise or critic from FlightStats, Inc. might be able to raise awareness for Air Pacific. We can also study the top 10 North America Airlines and use them as a guide.


“Think twice before accepting that airline apology” By Christopher Elliott
USA Today
Feb 10, 2014

Summary: The article talks about the insincere apologies from airlines. Costumers are often emailed with half-hearted emails and gifted with gift cards, certificates or reward points.

Relevance: This article is important because it deals with the thoughts of the costumer service. Air Pacific has not yet established itself so it could be known as the airline that has excellent costumer service compared to other airlines. Instead of giving aggregated passengers gift cards and reward points, Air Pacific will actually look into the problem and do something about it.


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