Monday Reading: Chapter 13

This chapter focuses on huge impacts the Internet has brought to our world. Without the Internet, today’s social media would be completely different. In just a short spam of 4 years, the Internet has brought more than 50 million users. It is interesting to read about the transformation and affects it has brought to our world because it was something that I grew up with. Obviously technology has developed and advanced over the years; I think I am lucky enough to say that I’ve at least lived through the transformation of the Internet, and it continues to change everyday. This chapter also focuses on the interactiveness of the online community. The web makes it easy for everyone to connect to different people all of the world. We have access to all the information we need simply by pressing a few buttons. Not only can we communicate with others, but we can also express ourselves through blogging (like what I’m doing now!) This makes it easy for everyone to get their stories out to people who are interested in the same things. Then there was the rise of Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, and Twitter. Social networking has become a large part of our everyday lives. The moment we wake up, we have the need to know exactly what everyone is doing and thinking. We feel the need to share every thought, picture, and moment of our lives with the world. All of these social networking websites makes it easy for companies to raise awareness and create events while not spending as much as they usually would if they were to advertise.


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