Media Monitoring #4

“What Travlers Really think about Airline Fees”
PR NewsWire | Market Watch
Jan. 30, 2014

Summary: This press release revealed the numbers of flyers and how much they are willing to pay. Flyers stated that they are willing to pay extra for more leg room, an empty middle seat, preventing the front seat to recline, and a fast pass to allow them to past through security faster. The press release also released that this year, baggage fees topped the charts.

Relevance: This is very important to Air Pacific because it shows the thought process of our potencial customers. We can provide those things in order to gain awareness to our name and slowly gain credibility through the satisfaction of our costumers because we listened to their needs.


“A new airline named Air Croatia will launch flights from Sweden to Zagreb”
Business news | Balkans
Jan 29th, 2014

Summary: Air Croatia, a new airline, will be providing flights from Sweden to Zagreb twice a week. They’re a low costing based airline so will be providing food and breverages for purchase on board and allowing flyers to check in bags for free as long as they’re less than 20 kilos.

Relevance: Seeing as they are a new airline that is also based as a low cost airline, it will be good for us to study what they are doing and follow up with their progess as they begin to launch their airline. Since they are so similar to our airline, it’s even more important to monitor the news of Air Croatia.


“Saudi airline to fly to Los Angeles in March”
Washington Post | AP
Jan 29, 2014

Summary: Saudi Arabian airline will start to operate direct flights to LA’s LAX in March. They are aiming to attend to many Saudi Arabian students currently studying in the United States on Saudi’s government scholarships.  

Relevance: Because part of Air Pacific is partially based in Los Angeles, I think it would be a good idea to be aware of the new airelines and new flights that will be soon offered. It would be a good idea to reach out to this airline and offer a partnership. We can also start a foundation to raise scholarships for students to fly to Saudi Arabia to study.


“Devo, mullets and airline safety in Delta’s lastest video” By Katia Hetter
Jan. 28, 2014

Summary: Delta recently released a new safety video that featured an 80’s style music video. This is Delta’s fourth safety video in the past two years.

Relevance: It is a good idea to monitor airlines, espcially the big competitors. Delta made the video for the audience to have a fun experience on their flight, and Air Pacific could potencially do the same. It’s good to keep the customers engaged and excited about flying.


“Mayors ask airline to reduce its service to boost passanger volume”
AP | Mississippi Business Journal
Jan 29th 2014

Summary: Two Mississippi cities mayors are asking Silver Airways to reduce their flights at the airport. They are asking this because it would provide for more passangers on each flights and give the pilots rest.

Relevance: I think this is important because we need to take note of how others are viewing the way we run our airline. We might potencially schedule too many flights thus wearing down our crew or be providing too many flights even though there are not a lot of passangers in each flight. Word gets out and we want to be aware of what we are doing for our Airline or our credibility will go down while we are still trying to establish a name for ourselves.


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