Monday Readings: Chapters 14 & 15

One of the many reasons why I chose to study and pursue a career in public relations is because of the stories we can give to the audience in order to give them information on the product or event we are holding. Instead of spending money to advertise a target audience, we let the audience decide for themselves what the message meant to them and listen to their feedback. News Release is an important part of public relations. It needs to have the right message and provide the appropriate, honest information for the readers. Because there are so many types of news releases, there are different format to write these news releases. Writing an online news release is less formal and should be seen as a teaser for the reporter to go to your website to find out more information. Because there are so many things to do on the web and people get easily distracted, I think the main objective for an online news release is to get them curious about it in a matter of a few seconds. A multimedia news release will usually be distributed through services like Business Wire, PR Newswire, PRWeb, etc. These search engines make it possible for companies and reporters to pick up news that are currently happening. They also teamed up with Google, Yahoo!, and MSN to make it possible for more exposure to readers online. These messages should be easy read and simple. Too many links and tools will make it too distracting and start to confuses the journalists. It is also important to use high quality photos that uses the right angle, and color to capture the journalist’s attention. Other than news releases, public relations companies will use media alerts, hold a news conference, have press parties, and many other events can be held to get the information out about a product. The more engaged and well thought out the message is put out, the more journalist will pay closer attention to the story.

Radio and television are an important part of the public relations industry. These technology allows the audience to listen and see what the message is about. These are formatted very differently than the written stories. You would have to use less words to get the message out to the audience because time is money on the radio. The message must be as simple and clear as possible so everyone will be able to understand the message. The same goes to television. You are given the opportunity to use both sound and sight to capture the attention of the audience. The message has to be clear, simple and unique. If the video is too distracting, it might begin to confuse the audience and the message will not be digested. If the video is too simple, the audience will show no interest. So even though you have more to work with, you also have to be careful as to how you put out the message. The same will apply to the Internet. Since everyone have the opportunity to upload videos to the web, it makes it easier for the message to spread to mass media. Youtube, Vimeo, etc makes all this possible. But because of this, it will sometimes be difficult because everyone has the chance to upload something so it is even harder to get a unique idea that will stand out to the audience that has seen almost everything already. Talk shows have been popular for many years now and to get a guest appearance is difficult so the public relations team will either send an email or call the station and tell the story in 30 seconds or less.


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