Media Monitoring #3

“AirAsia’s Fernandes named Airline Industry Leader of the Year”
January 23r, 2014

Summary: Tony Fernandes, AirAsia’s CEO, was named Airline Industry Leader of the Year at the 4th Annual Aviation Awards. This award is decided by the replies and votes of executives, department head, and marketing directer level.

Relevance: It’s important to know this and look at all thing things Fernandes is doing with his airline that gave him the right to earn this title. Because we’re still a new company, it will also benefit us by striving to gain this title and credibility someday.


“Delta named Airline of the year by Air Transport World”
Press Release | Market Watch
January 23, 2014

Summary: For the first time in a decade, a US carrier, Delta, has been named Airline of the Year Air Transport World magazine. The ATW editors quoted that because of the competitiveness of the airline industry, it’s important to have strong leadership in the company to unite and lead the workers in a positive direction. Delta, the claimed, has done just that.

Relevance: Again, it;s important for Air Pacific to study the do’s and don’ts’ in the air industry. Since we are new, we have an advantage of looking back and studying the history of mistakes and positive decisions other airline companies have done. Focusing on Delta than other companies will be easier for Air Pacific to relate because it is an American company, like us.


“Donate Airline Miles to Kids In Need through NBC 7’s Wishes-in-Flight” By Leah Sutton
NBC San Diego News
January 22, 2014

Summary: Nik Keswani is a 15-year-old born with dwarfism, which gave him a rare disorder that disables his bones, muscles, and heart. He went through a hard surgery and had to relearn how to walk again. Because of all this, he wanted a break and was able to take a vacation to Maui with his family through the donations of Wishes-in-Flight.

Relevance: This is an extremely good cause; if Air Pacific were to come up and create a similar foundation that aids people in need, it will not only raise awareness, but also bring a good name to our airline. It is important to be cautious of our image as we are still starting up. Anything we do our say will be judged by the public and the first impression of us will last forever.


“Northern Cape launches own airline”
January 22, 2014

Summary: Phakalane Airways launched on Wednesday and will offer flights between from Kimberly, Upington, and Springbok. They partnered up  the government in order to cut traveling costs. They hired 8 pilots and 4 instructors and two beach 1900 will be used.

Relevance: Since Phakalane Airways is also just starting up, it would be a good idea to build a friendship by reaching out to them to show them support. We will be able to help each other out and give advice to one another. Since they are starting a couple weeks ahead of us, we can also study the decisions they’re making and observe if they work.


“”Andy Lau to pay millions to Taiwanese Airline” By Heidi Hsia
Yahoo! News
January 23, 2014

Summary: Andy Lau, a well known Taiwanese actor, was fined by the court in Taiwan to pay the compensation of the damages he caused back in 1997. The lawsuit was filed by Daily Air in 1998 but was dragged out because Andy is not a permanent resident in Taiwan. The accident ocurred on a helicopter provided by Daily Air for the movie “The Island of Greed.” As Andy was about to do his stunt, he brushed up against the pitch stick which caused the rotor blade to hit lighting equipment near by.

Relevance: This is a good example of history that Air Pacific has to look at because if in the future, producers or executives of movies, television shows, photographers, or any other kind of partnership outside of the airline industry asks us for a partnership, we would have to think long and hard before making a decision because it could end up causing an incident like this.


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