Media Monitoring #1

“What to watch in airline industry: Phones, profits, love field” By Andrea Ahles
Startribute Business / Fort Worth Star – Telegram
January 4th, 2014

Summary: The airline industry is developing vastly because the passenger demand is getting higher and higher. Mergers, possible cell phone usage on flights, and more flights are being made available for customers.

Relevance: Air Pacific is a small, developing company competing with big airline companies. We have to find a way to separate ourselves from the big sharks and make us stand out.


“Airline passengers in dark about rights, advocate says” By Leslie MacKinnon
CBC News
January 9th, 2014

Summary: Passengers frustrated when overbooked or canceled flights occur and luggage lost. Many people are not aware of their rights and the airline has to compensate the passengers according to the length of delay.

Relevance: Because Air Pacific is still small, it cannot afford to lose this kind of money. The company has to do its best to not overbook flights, be sure of the weather and time schedules of the planes in case of layovers, and be extremely careful with the luggages. That way the company does not lose any money while living up to a good name and costumers stay happy.


“Virgin America Flight Attendant Delights Passengers With Safety Video Dace”
Huffington Post
January 8th, 2014

Summary: Virgin America’s safety dance video came out about two months ago, but this time a flight attendant on a plane participated in dancing as well.

Relevance: Most people find flying a bore and a drag. It would be a good idea to create something fun and interesting for Air Pacific to make the environment more enjoyable for both the workers and passengers.


“Airline in talks over £30,000 Lauren air-rage compensation claim” By Caroline Crawford
Independent ie / Irish News
January 10th, 2014

Summary: The niece of Ralph Lauren was charged after being found guilty of boarding a Delta flight while intoxicated. Not only did she abuse some of the flight attendance, but Delta was also forced to land elsewhere due to the disruption and it cost the airline roughly $35,000.

Relevance: It’s important that Air Pacific knows how to deal with difficult costumers like this. Not only do we have to excel as a company, but we also have to protect our workers and their rights.


“Airport anger flares into attack, cops say” By Robert Nolin
Sun Sentinel
January 9th, 2014,0,3282405.story

Summary: A women attacked a  United Airlines ticketing worker while she was trying to help the costumer.

Relevance: Again, another example of dealing with difficult costumers. The protection and rights of our workers should be important to Air Pacific and if something like this were to happen to us, we need to know how to deal with it correctly.


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